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www.interno.it, our first 10 years of activity

From the prehistory of the Portal to present time: a journey through the public administration full of training experiences and always open to new events

www.interno.itFirst ten years activity carried out by the Interior Ministry Internet Portal www.interno.it.

The very  first version of the experimental project aimed at unifying access to the Internet websites created and managed by a large number of bodies, departments, directorates and offices of the administration as well as to the high amount of information, services and documents provided was launched on 1st March 2001.

As time went by, the project has been adapted to both the ever-changing needs for information and communication and the evolving computer technology trend and pace.
News flow from prefectures has also been developed through a specific editorial/technical activity resulting in both a re-definition of the previous environment and an increased institutional communication between central and local offices.

Ten years of growth, experiments, innovations, open attitude and ‘counselling’ service to the public, journalist language and press titles, several projects and a research activity still under way; a ten-year anniversary which marks a step of our journey, rather than a mere birthday.

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